improve my retirement income

If your income relies on returns from capital investments, the current historically low interest rates pose a serious problem for you. For example, a 2-3% term deposit delivers nothing when that return is wiped-out by inflation at 3%.

But there are a number of solutions and opportunities addressing this issue which a Certified Financial Planner can help you consider.

Opportunities exist to boost your income in retirement. All of those opportunities have implications and should be considered in light of your full financial circumstances. For example: do you want to leave an estate? Is maximising the age pension a priority? How will you fund your need for aged care?

We can examine all these questions, and more, and help you make an informed choice. Exploring the range of opportunities and strategies available would be a wise move now. It could significantly improve your income in the short term, and your financial security over the long term. A free consultation, addressing your options and answering your questions is available to you. Make an initial free appointment with us: Call 3510 1333 or Contact Us.

our process

Our financial planning process involves a series of meetings. Our process is designed to help you make informed and carefully considered financial decisions.