'Prudent financial planning for Brisbane families'

We provide comprehensive, intergenerational financial planning advice. We help you grow, and protect, and transfer your wealth through the generations. We do this while ensuring you have the financial resources to enjoy your life now.

'Pay off my mortgage AND build wealth'

We’re entering the unknown with regard to interest rates.

Yes, interest rates have been low before, but never for this long. And that demands a new approach to managing debt. Why? Because paying down debt may no longer be your best option.

'Improve my retirement income'

If your income relies on returns from capital investments, the current historically low interest rates pose a serious problem for you. For example, a 2-3% term deposit delivers nothing when that return is wiped-out by inflation at 3%.

But there are a number of solutions and opportunities addressing this issue which a Certified Financial Planner can help you consider.

'Minimise the death tax on my pension'

Millions of Australians have an account-based pension. Every pension has a taxable component. Tax is likely to apply to that taxable component on the death of the second member of a couple when the money is paid to adult children.

We find many people are unaware of the magnitude of this tax. Often it amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But it can be completely avoided by withdrawing the money while you are still alive. The question then arises 'how do I invest that money?' A Certified Financial Planner can help.